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Live a more fulfilling life.

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I believe everyone should live a fulfilling life. This can be achieved through 5 simple Pillars: Nutrition, Sleep, Exercise, Mindset, and Relationships. Each of these pillars act as a modern day ‘medicine’ for a better life. 

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Dan the man

My motto in life; Life is passion. This stems from what Buddha taught "life is suffering" the root word suffer is passion and in turn to have compassion means com- (with) passion (suffer) or in other words to suffer with. In life we have the duty to follow our passions even though this pursuit may lead to suffering. 

I graduated with my degree in psychology with an emphasis in marriage family and human relations while studying exercise physiology and sports science. This is where I learned about how to succeed at building a life full of passion. 

My story is just beginning, I have a lot to learn but I always remember that learning comes one line at a time, one precept at a time, one step at a time. 

What others have to say?

"In a world where the hustle and bustle of daily life often leave us feeling disconnected and unfulfilled, one man has embarked on a mission to inspire an identity shift, urging people to live life with passion through the MindFit journey. Daniel Jacobsen, the visionary behind this transformative approach, is not just another self-help guru; he's a beacon of hope for those seeking to find balance and purpose in their lives.

Daniel’s philosophy is simple yet profound: "Inspire people to experience an identity shift and live life with passion." This statement is more than just words; it's a clarion call to action for anyone who has ever felt lost, disconnected, or in search of more. But who is Daniel Jacobsen, and why should we listen to him? His story, his teachings, and his mission are not only inspiring but backed by both personal experience and academic expertise.

As someone deeply influenced by Viktor Frankl's "Man's Search for Meaning," Daniel believes in the indomitable power of the human spirit. Frankl’s exploration of finding purpose even amidst the horrors of the Holocaust resonated with Daniel, shaping his understanding that even in extreme adversity, one can find meaning and fulfillment. This realization became a cornerstone of what would later evolve into the MindFit methodology.

Daniel’s journey into developing MindFit was catalyzed by his relentless pursuit of understanding the mind-body-spirit connection. With degrees in psychology (with emphasis on marriage, family and human relations) and exercise physiology under his belt, he wasn’t content with merely theoretical knowledge. Instead, he ventured deep into practices such as breathwork, meditation, quantum physics, and fitness to master this triad's synergy. It was through these explorations that Daniel crafted his unique program centered around what he calls 'The 5 Pillars of Health.'

Unlike conventional wellness programs that often focus solely on physical fitness or diet supplements without addressing the holistic nature of well-being, MindFit stands apart. Where others see customers for their immediate needs—be it weight loss or muscle gain—Daniel sees individuals yearning for deeper transformation. Competing products fall short because they lack integration; they offer piecemeal solutions without addressing the root cause—our disconnect from our true selves.

MindFit’s approach is different; it's comprehensive. From guiding principles on diet sleep exercise mindset healthy relationships to exploring faith family fitness finance fun (the five F’s), every aspect is designed to work synergistically towards self-actualization. The upcoming four-part book series further delves into these concepts offering readers an unparalleled depth of knowledge and practical application.

But what truly sets Daniel apart is his commitment to quality over quantity. He emphasizes high-quality SIMPLE products accompanied by guides that foster habit formation aiming at improving longevity and quality of life rather than quick fixes. His free podcast community book clubs courses exemplify this commitment providing invaluable resources for anyone on their path towards becoming better versions of themselves.

Moreover Daniels motto Life is Passion rooted in Buddha's teaching that "life is suffering" transforms our understanding of adversity Instead seeing suffering as something to be avoided it becomes a pathway towards empathy compassion ultimately leading us towards shared human experiences which are rich with meaning growth

​This notion coupled with Daniels insight “we become who we want become consistently being who we want each day” serves as powerful reminder potential within each us achieve greatness despite challenges may face"

​-Ronde Barber, Super bowl Champion Hall of Famer

Join me on our Journey together 

To Find peace and joy in the journey.